Sneak Peeks & New Accessories!

Sweet J. It took her a while to get comfy enough to go to sleep on our "basket" but she eventually did and looks so peaceful. 

Twins! We have been wanting newborn twins to photograph for some time now and we were so thrilled to get these angels. This is Q (the boy) & M (the girl). According to Mom these images capture their personalities. Q is the laid back, quiet type. He slept the whole time. And M is much more vocal and alert. She wouldn't go to sleep for anything! We pulled out all the stops to get her to close her eyes for a few shots. By the end, M was passed out and Q was waking up to eat. Aaahh....life with twins I guess. 


misty said...

Love the one where the twins are curled up together asleep on the tan blanket. Beautiful!